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Valtrex Use Guide

Posted on January 31, 2019 in Health

Valtrex or Valacyclovir are the same medications simply sold under different names. In fact, the name Valacyclovir is the unpatented name of the active agent used in Valtrex and other antiviral medications used against herpes.

The medications based on this substance are used to treat:

– Cold sores;

– Genital herpes;

– Shingles.

You can buy Valtrex or a generic having the same components and use the pills as prescribed by your doctor or according to the official drug instruction.

How to diagnose herpes?

Depending on the localization of herpes, the symptoms can be different. For instance, cold sores usually occur on the lips and rarely on the nasal mucosa while genital herpes or sexually transmitted herpes occurs only on the genitalia. As for shingles, it is a type of herpes that can occur anywhere on the body and besides the typical herpes symptoms is accompanied by severe nerve pain.

The common symptoms of all types of herpes are itching, reddening, and the occurrence of bubble-like rash on the affected area. The bubbles are filled with clear liquid and upon recovery they disappear through shedding and drying out.

Lip herpes can be diagnosed visually without any trouble. While genital herpes and shingles require the examination of a specialist – they can be confused with other diseases. Thus, we recommend you to get a proper diagnosis before you buy generic Valtrex and start using it.

You can get the medication without a prescription at RxShopMD, but it is always preferable to start using an antiviral medication only when the diagnosis is confirmed.

When is it time to start using Valtrex?

In case of lip herpes and genital herpes, the medication should be preferably taken at the occurrence of the first mildest symptoms such as tingling and slight itching sensation. However, these are the common sensations for people who already had the virus exacerbations before. If you hadn’t been diagnosed with herpes, you should go to a doctor first. In case you do have herpes or ever had it, you should know that it’s never eliminated from the body which means it can reoccur and then, in the occurrence of the slightest symptoms you should start using Valacyclovir. The sooner you start taking the pills, the higher is the chance that the full exacerbation won’t develop and you will have the symptoms for a few days only.

In case of shingles, the use of the medication also should be started as soon as possible. However, this is not the recurring type of herpes so if you have it, probably it is the first time so you have to go to a doctor to be sure that you need namely an antiviral drug.