Dental Issues That Are Emergency Cases

Dental Issues That Are Emergency Cases

Dental Issues That Are Emergency Cases

Facing any health problem can be nerve-racking and daunting. It is normal. Any problem threatening our health should be addressed pronto; otherwise, it will turn into a complicated case. Most people make appointments with doctors to treat their health problems as fast as possible. But, it is not the same about dental issues. In other words, the number of those ignoring their dental issues is noticeable. In contrast, the number of people who go to the emergency room for non-emergency issues is also not trivial. Today, we asked a dedicated dentist working at an emergency dental clinic in Scarborough to explain some essential dental issues known as emergency ones.

1. Run to an Emergency Dental Clinic When Suffering from A Severe Permanent Toothache

Toothache occurs when there is a problem with your teeth or gums. We have all experienced toothache several times in our lives. There may be a slight pain that can be easily relieved by taking painkillers or putting garlic on it as a strongly recommended home remedy. Should we go to the emergency room in this case? Of course not. This is not an emergency dental problem. But keep in mind that it does not mean that you can ignore the dental issue just because the pain is gone with home remedies. Any toothache should be treated by a dental specialist. The point is, there is no need for emergency dental care in case of minor pain. In this case, you can make an appointment with your dentist later. But if you suffer from a severe and unbearable toothache constantly affecting your nerves, the first step is to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

2. Visit an Emergency Dentist If There Is a Bleeding That Does Not Stop

Any time there is bleeding in your gums, tongue, or teeth that do not stop, the emergency dental clinic is the right destination for you. Keep in mind that if bleeding is not severe and dangerous, it will be stopped after a while. If it does not, the case is an emergency dental issue, and professional treatment may be needed.

3. Do Not Waste Time When Facing a Knocked-Out Tooth

Whenever your tooth is knocked out or extracted due to any reason, you should seek urgent dental help. Don’t forget that time is gold in this case. If you do not hurry, you may lose your tooth forever and have to go for replacement methods such as dental implants. The sooner you get to the emergency clinic, the more likely you are to save your natural teeth. In the meantime, you can do some helpful actions in this regard:

  • Find your tooth.
  • Wash it with water, or if no water is available, suck it. Do not use any detergent for washing.
  • Try to put the tooth on its socket. Put it in a wet container such as water or milk if you cannot.
  • Do not touch the root of your tooth.

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