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Be A Hockey Deke Master

Posted on October 19, 2020 in Business

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Every player would love to be a hockey deke master. This is not an impossible goal; however, it will take a lot of work and a lot of training. The one thing that every great hockey champion has in common is that they practice and continue to sharpen their game even after they become great. Do you want to become great? Then you have to practice.

The Perfect Deke

The secret to the perfect deke is to never let your opponent know what you are doing. Always keep your eyes away from your target until the very last split second. If you’re really good, you won’t even have to move your eyes; you will know exactly where to place it while fixing your gaze on the opposite side of the goal. After watching a series of the most successful dekes that have been filmed, you can see a pattern with the players. They are confident. They keep their cool. They never broadcast the direction that they are actually moving towards. If you watch closely at some of the amazing deke videos that are out there, you can see the way that the player moves up towards the goaltender then switches directions at least two times before the fatal snipe shot that scores the point. These moves take practice and skill. You can tell that all of the successful dekes were made by experienced players.

Synthetic Ice Training

The great thing about synthetic ice is that you can create a dynamic training area for hockey in your own home. The difference between synthetic ice and dryland hockey flooring tiles is that you can skate on synthetic ice with ice skates. Although you can get great practice with rollerblades or on foot, training with ice skates will give you the advantage of learning how to maneuver on the ice in stealth mode while handling your stick and puck. A big part of being able to pull off fantastic dekes is the ability to skate like an olympian across the rink. If you play roller hockey, it is best to practice on the dryland tiles but to master the ice; you need to practice on the ice. Synthetic ice helps you to hone in on your skills right from the comfort of your own home or building of choice.

Hockey Training Aids

There are a lot of different hockey training aids that you could benefit from. Stickhandling aids such as Sweethands are very beneficial for training with your stick and puck in order to master control of your shots. A shooting tarp is another great way to practice your shots. The more weapons that you have in your arsenal, the better your training can be. However, you can have all of the training aids available in the world, but none of them will do you any good unless you put them to use and practice as much as you can. Put your heart into everything that you do when you sharpen your skills. You have to know that the next person is out there doing the same thing. If you don’t keep up, you get ran over. If you continually work on yourself, you will gain an advantage over the ones who don’t.