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Top 5 Tips to Clean Your Drains

Posted on December 17, 2021 in Home Improvement

Why Cleaning your Drains often is an utmost Necessity?

If you have a clogged drain, chances are, you’ve been putting off dealing with it. You may have even been duct-taping various things down the pipes to try and relieve the pressure. But unless you want your house to be flooded, it’s time to see what those experts say about how to clean out those drains! Here are the top 5 tips regarding how to clean your drains

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used to remove grease and other grime from a drain. You might think it’s too simple to be effective, but you’d be surprised how well it can work! Take a cup of baking soda, add warm water and a drop or two of dish soap, and stir the mixture. Let it sit for a while and then use your drain wrench to flush the mixture out. It’s important that you get the tangles out of your drain, as this will help prevent them from reappearing. There might be some nasty fumes, so you should use this in a well-ventilated room or outside if possible.

Use Sink Plunger

In addition to drain plungers, you can also use your basic sink plunger when you have a clogged drain. You can use a plunger on your bathtub and toilets to help loosen up some of the junk that’s stuck in your pipes. You should make sure you don’t make it too tight; otherwise, you’ll push whatever is clogging your drains further down the pipe than it was before! Try it again if the clog doesn’t come out with the first plunge. In order to get all of the food or gunk out of there, you might have to try several times.

Run Hot Water

Sometimes, the best solution to a clogged drain isn’t actually cleaning it. It can be as simple as running hot water! If you’re convinced nothing is working on your drains, it may be time to try this method. If you run a stream of hot water through your drains for about 20 minutes, you can effectively flush out any residue that could be clogging them. This is an excellent method to use before any other methods as it gets rid of the bulk of the junk in your pipes. You should also make sure that your other drains in the house are running well, allowing you to empty them faster.

How To Clear A Blocked Drain - Envirovac

Use a Chemical Drain Opener

While baking soda, vinegar, and hot water can work for clearing out most minor clogs on your drains, if you have something a bit more stubborn or regular clogging problems, you may want to consider using some of these chemical drain cleaners. They’re a bit stronger than vinegar and baking soda but are still generally safe on your pipes. You should always use the chemicals with caution, as you don’t want to damage the pipes by using too much or by using one designed for a different type of pipe than what you have. The key to using these is not getting too many chemicals in your drains as they can erode them.

Use the Right Tools

No matter how good your tactics, tools are necessary to remove blockages in your drains. It includes drain jack stands and anything you need to put the weight of a bathtub on when you’re trying to unblock it. Drain cleaning equipment is also great here, as they don’t require heavy lifting. You can also use this method to remove hair clogs from drains without having to take apart the sink or fixing your bathtub faucet. The tools are great if you’ve got a lot of drains to deal with or if you’re just not strong enough.


Drain cleaning can be difficult, especially if you’re doing it yourself. You want to ensure that you’re getting rid of the right gunk and keeping your pipes safe. Using these tips and tools, you should be well on your way to getting your drains back in working order again! The most important thing that you have to remember is that you have to be careful. You don’t want to damage your pipes by using too much.

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