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Biomass Fuels Vs. Fossil Fuels – The Most Energetic Battle

Posted on August 13, 2016 in Home Improvement

The pressure of finding an alternative to fossil fuels has increased a lot in the recent times. Experts, researchers and scientists showcased a lot of options for this crisis and one of the best amongst them is the use of biomass fuel, which has more advantages for the mankind and in general to the well-being of the earth also.

What is biomass fuel?

Wooden remains or animal wastes that can be used for the production of energy or as combustive supplements are called as biomass fuels. Apart from the two major sources of the fuel municipal solid waste is also considered as an effective source for use as fuel. However, biomass wood is considered the biggest of sources because of it abundance and energy producing capability.

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What is fossil fuel?

Natural processes like anaerobic decomposition of decayed animals and plants some millions of years get converted into compositions such as natural gas, heavy oils, crude oil, coal, etc. and these come under the category of fossil fuels. Where companies like encourage biomass fuel, fossil fuels are still the dominant forms for energy utilization and combustion.

A comparison – Which one is the best?

Fossil fuels are spread around the world making them very easy to use as sources. The same is the case with biomass fuels as they are prevalent on the surface of the earth. On the downside, oil resources are limited to certain hot spots, whereas wood fuels or animal wastes are found everywhere.

Fossil fuels are great sources for producing higher energy in comparison to biomass fuels as they have higher combustion levels. However, proper use of biomass supplies from wood chip suppliers ensures that CO2 emission is less.

Biomass fuels are required in more quantity to produce gasoline, fire or electricity but there is no such problem with fossil fuels as lesser quantities alone produce higher results (probably the reason they still exist).

Fossil fuels are pricey and everyone knows it, whereas biomass fuels can be found almost anywhere and requires only man labor to collect. In addition, it is easy to get biomass wood or fuel products produced with animal wastes through suppliers.

Biomass fuel is the best source to help fix the global warming situation that is increasing to fatal level arising concerns over the decline of environmental pureness. Fossil fuels are the main cause for global warming making them a considerable threat to mankind and earth itself.

Biomass fuels are renewable as crops like corn can be used for producing the fuel in a large scale. There is absolutely no chance of depletion. On the other hand, fossil fuels are decreasing everyday with the increase in their usage. They will be exhausted completely within a matter of years.

By the comparison it is evident that biomass fuels are the best alternatives to have for running a car or turning on a television or preparing food. With wood chip suppliers it is easy to have the fuel delivered directly to the home without having to suffer the long hours of waiting for filling fuel.