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7 Essential Questions To Ask A Mover Before Hiring!

Posted on August 23, 2016 in Home Improvement

It is a common issue with people to hesitate or go blindly with an option when it comes to hiring a moving company. Unfortunately, this decision may not work well due to many reasons starting from lack of experience to irresponsible workers in the company. Therefore, one has to know little bit about the movers before hiring them. Here are some of the important questions that need your attention to evaluate the worthiness of Toronto movers.

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Are you a broker or are you currently working for the moving company?

Brokers are very good at finding the right moving company for the customer. However, they are not able to provide the right estimation for the relocation process. Whereas an executive from a moving company like Accurate Movers, can guide the individual through the process involved in relocation.  As a broker cannot be responsible for the damage of loss of goods, it would be better to take advice from him and approach an executive who work for the moving company.

Can you provide binding quotes for the moving process?

There is a possibility that companies provide a general quote that may not be the final one. Therefore, while calling a moving service in Toronto you should ask about the binding quote. If they are willing to provide a binding quote, then the company can be reliable. This would also ensure that you can have a budget based on the cost for moving.

Is my quote inclusive of additional charges?

There are many extra charges that most companies don’t reveal like the appliance charges, storage charges, long carry charges, fuel charges, etc. For example, if a person has a piano the charges will be different and more as the shape of the piano is different and requires special care to be delivered.

Are my items going to be transferred?

If the moving is for long distances, sometimes it may require the goods to be transferred from one means of transportation to another. It is your duty to know about the second truck or transportation and how the goods will be transferred. This could avoid any unnecessary damage to the goods as you will select a good moving service in Toronto.

What are the modes of payment accepted?

There are many terms to understand before signing an agreement with Toronto movers. You should know about the deposit amount, refund of the deposit, acceptable money transaction methods, etc. If a company only accepts cash, such companies can be neglected easily.

What is the type of insurance found in my quote?

There is a general coverage of 50-60% of the damage, but this percentage could increase based on the confidence of the moving company. Further, there are companies who allow 3rd party insurance companies who provide insurance for moving process.

Who is responsible for breakage or missing?

If you hire a moving service and something goes missing in the list or something gets damaged, the entire responsibility is on the moving company.

These are the questions that would help you to come to an understanding about the validity, or invalidity of the moving company.