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Having Good Hair When You Are Over 50 Is Not A Problem!

Posted on January 31, 2019 in Health

Many men suffer from hair loss when they hit middle age. There are no precise data on why some men face it while others can have a lush head of hair. However, the physiological changes in the bodies of men who suffer from pattern baldness are known and treated.

Whether you only started losing hair or already have bald spots, you can buy Propecia and restore your hair as well as prevent it further falling out. But you should keep in mind that for the best and long-lasting results, the medication has to be taken daily for at least one year. If you get the branded medication you could be spending quite a significant amount of money. Thus, if you want to enjoy the effect at a lower price, you should get the generic medication from RxShopMD.

How does the medication acts?

The effect of the drug is based on its active agent with an unpatented name Finasteride. It is a substance that inhibits a certain enzyme in the male organism that is responsible for the transformation of testosterone, the main male sex hormone, into a harmful form called dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone is responsible for hair loss and for the development of benign prostatic hyperplasia or simply put the benign tumor of the prostate that can cause a lot of problems.

Are Over 50 Is Not A Problem

As you can see from the information provided above, you can buy generic Propecia without any fear that it will harm your body. On the contrary, it normalizes the hormonal balance and helps with other disorders besides alopecia.

Is it possible to restore hair on the bald areas with Finasteride?

Yes, it is possible with the use of the drug. Previously, it was considered that the follicles of the fallen out hair are dead. But recently it had been discovered that they are just “asleep” under the effect of dihydrotestosterone. Taking the pills that suppress it you can wake the follicles up and enjoy the filling in with hair of previously bald spots.

How to use generic Propecia?

The pills are taken once a day regardless of meals. The daily dosage is 5 mg.


The use of the medication is prohibited in hypersensitivity to the pills, for women of childbearing age, and men younger than 18.

If you have any chronic disease and take any medications, consult your physician before you start using Finasteride to be sure that it won’t harm your condition.