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What Type Of Garage Door To Choose, Steel Or Aluminum?

Posted on January 29, 2020 in Home Improvement

Garage Door

The choice of steel or aluminum rolling shutter is rarely explicit. Here we at mississauga garage door will try to help you sort your priorities and choose the right door.

When Is A Steel Rolling Shutter Suitable?

  • Limited budget.

Steel rolling shutters, especially when hand-held, are the least expensive doors, without necessarily lower quality.

  • Risk of impact.

Children often play in front of the garage; one of the neighbors is not good at maneuvering and often hits the car in surrounding objects; the garage is exported to the sidewalk, where there is an intense human flow or on an unpaved street with a decent car flow – often pebbles from passing cars are thrown.

The steel roller shutter is more impact resistant than aluminum because aluminum is a softer metal.

  • Underground Parking Space.

If the underground parking is rather dry and airy, the steel roller shutter is the normal choice, there is no need to invest in aluminum. However, if there is a constant leakage, the steel will rust quickly, which does not interfere with the work at the beginning, but will later prevent it.

  • On The Fence.

The steel roller shutter is also suitable for a portal door. Especially when the portal is exposed to strong front winds. Note: frontal, not parallel or oblique. If it is not windy, aluminum is also suitable.

Steel is suitable for portals and when the portal dimensions are large – over 5-6 meters in length.

  • Especially Large Sizes.

When the length of the door exceeds 620 cm, it shall be steel.

Choose Aluminum Rolling Door Because Of:

  • Silence

The aluminum roller blind is quieter when moving in the wind, because its slats are double-walled and filled with polyurethane foam – they do not crack.

Garage Door


  • Thermal Insulation.

When it is necessary for the door to provide some average level of thermal insulation, the aluminum rolling shutter will do the job unlike steel, whose slats are single-sheet.

  • Long Life.

If you are looking for a long-term investment in a roller door investment, aluminum is the choice (if all other conditions are appropriate), since its canvas is about 30% lighter than steel, loads less mechanisms and automation and they have an extended life.

  • Elegance.

Aluminum rolling shutters are perceived by most customers as more beautiful because their slats are slightly rounded and look finer than coarse steel slats. In addition, aluminum shutters can be in Golden Oak and Walnut wood decors, something that is not available in steel or, if available, is not as good a performance.

  • Humidity.

Along the sea, near water or in the presence of high constant humidity (leaks in an underground garage), aluminum roller shutter is preferable since aluminum does not rust, unlike steel, which, although galvanized and powder-coated, is sensitive to moisture.

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