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The Hockey Balance Board to Maximize Core and Agility

Posted on January 18, 2021 in Business

If you would like to push your core into an explosive strength, you may want to try a Snipers hockey balance board to help you get there. Just by practicing for a little while every day you can blast your core muscles into the greatest shape that you have ever imagined. It might not be an easy way to build strength, but is there ever an easy way to get real results?

Strengthening Your Core Elements

There is no better way to strengthen your whole body than to focus on getting your core into tip-top shape. Although the core is not something you pull out and flex like an arm or a leg, it is the part in the body that allows you to hold up your arm or your leg and flex it. Without your core, you would be much like a quivering blob on the ground. If you think about how your core actually works, you will understand the dynamics.

As you walk across a room or do a pull-up, your core is activated and in effect. When you keep your core engaged for prolonged amounts of time it gets stronger. Unlike your leg or arm muscles, it is beneath your outer body and controls the muscles that activate it. It works closely with your brain much faster than you can keep up within your mind. However, keeping it engaged and focusing on how it is helping you to stay balanced can sharpen your mind.

In any event, when you keep your core engaged and have to work at it by exerting yourself, this is where the conditioning happens. While you balance on a hockey balance board, your whole core is engaged and working to keep you from falling. As you progress your training by incorporating difficult drills into your workouts, you hone your core strength into a strong, agile, balancing machine.

Agility Skyrocketing

The best way to describe agility is by picturing a cat. Cats, when they are in good shape, can jump from one place to the next without falling. They can even climb fences and walk across the fence boards without a problem. When they jump and move around they do it with ease and grace. Picture a ballerina swiftly spinning around on her toes as she dances across the floor. Now, picture yourself doing the same thing. Being agile is the ability to move from place to place quickly and efficiently with grace and balance. Being agile on the rink when you are playing a game is a crucial necessity.

As you continue to strengthen your core and balance on the balancing board, you will increase your agility as well. Experiment with different exercises while you practice, like squatting and rising, or stickhandling with a hockey ball. Push yourself to the next level by doing your exercises faster each time until you are so good and quick at one that you have to move on and master another.

Why Core Is Important

One of the most important things for humans is to have adequate balance. Without it, we would all fall down every time we took a step. As people get older, they begin to lose their core strength if they have not worked on keeping it strong. This is why the elderly are so prone to falling and injuring themselves. If you have a weak core, you are very susceptible to falling down and being injured. If your core is weak, you are weak. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to continue to exercise and strengthen your core every day and continue to do so as long as you possibly can. Your core is your center, so keep it as strong as you want to be.