Is Endodontics an Emergency Dental Treatment?

Is Endodontics an Emergency Dental Treatment?

Is Endodontics an Emergency Dental Treatment?

Endodontics or root canal therapy is a restorative dental procedure that is done to save a natural tooth. When inside of your tooth gets damaged due to severe tooth decay, your dentist recommends endodontics to restore its health. In such a case, an endodontist removes the damaged part, cleans inside your teeth and fills it with special materials. Endodontics or root canal therapy is also required when your tooth gets broken or fractured. An expert endodontist in North York explains that if you don’t seek on time root canal therapy, you may lose your tooth and have to replace it with dental implants. That’s why endodontics is among the most common emergency dental procedures.

What Can You Expect by Visiting an Emergency Dentist?

Emergency dentistry is one of the most critical fields in the dental world that is strongly connected to people’s oral condition and tooth health. Emergencies can happen at any time, whether unexpected or gradually caused due to patients overlooking minor signs of dental problems. Emergency dentistry is improved to meet the needs of different patients in different situations and provides the services most of the time, so their oral health can be saved. Emergency dentists are trained to treat and manage stressful dental emergencies and situations that patients lose control of. Generally, you may have different reasons to see an emergency dentist, and according to statistics, almost all people visit an emergency dentist at least once in their lives. Whether you visit an emergency dentist for dental cavities or chipped teeth, you probably will go through specific steps considered the usual routine of every emergency dentist. Having information about what you will experience during an emergency visit can significantly help you be more calm and relaxed. So here we explain every necessary thing a patient should know.


The emergency dentist will examine every necessary thing. The examination is the most crucial step of every dental visit, including an emergency visit. Before taking any actions, your emergency dentist is required to have accurate and enough information about what happened and the origin of the problem. Sometimes the patient can help the emergency dentist as they have information about the main reason for the caused dental emergency. Still, usually, patients just visit their emergency dentist due to the severe pain they endure and aren’t aware of the exact cause of their discomfort and pain. Your emergency dentist will search for any signs of gum inflammation or infection in the first step, and in other actions, he looks for any symptoms of dental damage, especially to the crown part. The examination will be perfectly done by necessary dental equipment like X-rays photos in addition to the experience and skills of the emergency dentist.

As we mentioned, many patients visit their emergency dentist because they are suffering from severe pain and discomfort. After explaining your pain and your condition, you can ensure your emergency dentist takes any necessary actions to relieve your pain. At the same time, he digs for the leading causes and the best emergency treatment. Painkillers and antibiotics are options that the emergency dentist uses during the visit, and you might be required to continue the usage even after you get home.

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